Freddie Laker and Steve Schimmel expected their first Gumball to go down a little bit different. After being denied entry into France because of some problems with their Porsche Carrera GT and trying alternative crossings nearby they returned to London this morning on the same tank of fuel they started the rally with. They just arrived in London, their current plans remain unknown but we know their Carrera GT is stored safely in London. Make sure to checkout next week for their one of a kind Gumball 3000 story.

Update: Just got a message from Freddy Laker, they are in Istanbul having a good time with the Fuel Girls. The rest of the rally they will hitch-hike their way back to London!


  1. Spoke with them this morning. What an ordeal they’ve had! Suffice to say, they flew from London to Istanbul this morning to join the rest of the Gumballers and hope to hitch rides the rest of the way. They plan on updating as soon as they possibly can. Go Team 13 Warrior Heart!!

  2. This is sad u know ..
    apart from the fact that you have to be a millionaire even to be able to búy a Carrera GT and the entry fee feels like pocket money, it’s sad that this nearly life-time experience ends so damn fast :| ..

    I feel sorry for you guys !!

    Jax Dryke


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