After a long and exhausting 13 hour drive through 4 different countries the first cars arrived at the Frankfurt-Hahn airport in Germany. Team Vere Vere of Kaven Bouhouch, Jose Manuel Novo Martin and Ignacio Gonzalez arrived first with their Porsche Cayenne, soon followed by Team 17 in the Rolls Royce Phantom and their friends of Team 103 in the Range Rover. Team 17 and 103 managed to stay out of the hands of the German police by thinking outside the box and taking the smallest roads on the map!

Team 17 & 103

Team 17 & 103 prove that you don’t need a 300 km/h+ supercar to arrive first. Just make the right decision and navigate around the police roadblocks!

Unofficial results:

1. Team Vere Vere (Porsche Cayenne)
2. Team 17 (Rolls Royce Phantom)
3. Team 103 (Range Rover)

Update: Team Vere Vere came from Munich and therefor didn’t qualify as the first car at the Hahn checkpoint. This makes Team 17 and 103 the first to arrive at the Hahn checkpoint.


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