21:04 CET

Team Polizei has made it across the channel and now are leading the way to Amsterdam. Herr Ross and Roy have decided to take an alternative route, which they hope will be safer and faster. Belgium Police on motorcycles just pulled the team over, resulting in a 120euro fine and many pictures taken with the Police officers.

23:38 CET:

Team Polizei leads the way into Amsterdam! Our members confirm he arrived first at 22:55 CET.

Alex and Michael successfully made it to the Amsterdam checkpoint, taking several alternative routes and “long-cuts” through Belgium to avoid troubles with the local law enforcement. Their attempts fell short though after a motorcycle unit pulled the team over and slapped them with a 120 euro fine. The good news though was that the Team got some nice photos with the gracious officers! It was a lonely drive into Amsterdam for the Polizei M5, and it will be an even lonelier one leaving the city. Michael Ross reported that at their departure, there still were no other Gumballers who had arrived. Onward to Deutschland; the M5 can finally stretch her legs on her native Autobahn!


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