Tangospeed - Porsche 996 Turbo

After a roaring 2006, doing Gumball, CB and a lot of parties, Tangospeed returned from a refreshing snowcamp in March ready to rumble again. The cars tuned, wrapped and serviced for a new season filled with rallies. This year promises to be more intense then ever for team Tangospeed with two rallies and a load of parties in just three weeks!

Tangospeed kicks off this rally season at 28th of April in London for the second CB. Two weeks and almost 4000 miles later they burn their rubber at the new Top Run rally organised by the guys of GT3000. During their time on the road you can read all the latest news and gossip on their SMS blog!

Tangospeed - Audi S4

Tango and Sten will drive the Porsche 996 Turbo with the fresh exhaust and engine tuning on both Carbon Black and Top Run. Hece takes the white Audi S4 on Carbon Black together with Jammu, later we switch with Jammu and take the co-drivers seat during Top Run :)

As most of you know the guys of Tangospeed love to party, but what do you do when you have to drive the next morning and still have the urgent need to buy champagne? Right… ;)

Tangospeed loves champagne Tangospeed - Party style :D

We got word that Hece started his journey without any speeding tickets the first 800 km. We also heard one of his rims suffered a bit from his driving style, but I’m in no position to judge that as my rims look like Jaws just had a couple bites at them…

For more stories and their latest videos check out the Tangospeed website at tangospeed.com!

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