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The official Gumball 3000 website made a new announcement about the brand new Gumball 3000 Films company launch. The first projects of the new Gumball 3000 Films company is a tv series of the 2007 rally staring Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan, and a Film to be directed by Mike Figgis. Hopefully the stars in the show have driven a car before so we get something cool to look forward to!

A part of the announcement as made in Boom Magazine:

In 2007 Gumball 3000 Films has continued to establish its presence in the film and television industry, with the television series of the upcoming rally commissioned by Channel 4 and Zonemedia, hosted by Danny Dyer (The Football Factory, Severance, Outlaw) and Tamer Hassan (The Business and Batman Begins); whilst commissioning Oscar nominated filmmaker Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas) to direct the docufilm, marking a departure from the Jackass-style antics of previous films, focusing instead on the people behind the glossy façade.
Underpinning these productions, Gumball 3000 Films has also announced a host of new partnerships, including distribution deals Revolver Entertainment and Nordisk. So what does the future hold for Gumball 3000 films? With an exciting slate of Gumball 3000 productions in the pipeline, and with commissions for music video and advertising commercials queuing up, Gumball is working towards making its first ‘feature film’ based upon the 2008 Gumball Rally…

Gumball 3000 Films is a company in a unique position. Having access to a slew of celebrities and independent financiers through the Rally and having established relationships with a host of the UK and US majors, coupled with the ambition and media savvy of Maximillion, Patrick and their production team, the possibilities for are endless. With names such as Spike Jonze, Adrien Brody, Quentin Tarentino and Johnny Knoxville friends of the brand, the sky isn’t even the limit. And you thought Gumball only made rallies…

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