Candy Run Kate

The Candy Run will host a one night free event in London next month. The event will be a classic Tunnel Run with up to a 100 supercars! As expected from the Candy Run there will be plenty of girls and a party in the exclusive gentlemens club Spearmint Rhino.

The Candy Tunnel Run is scheduled for Wednesday11th April 2007 at 7.30pm. The run is free for supercar owners and includes entry to the nightclub. The Candy Run film crew who also did the 2006 Gumball ‘Around the world in 8 Days’ movie will be there to document the action, the cars and the girls. They will edit all the footage to a fast and sexy promo for the Candy Run later this year.

The party at Spearmint Rhino includes a chance to win £1000, for more information on this and the Candy Tunnel Run visit our Candy Run Forum.

To sign up log onto the Candy Run website.

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  1. Hahahaha! Bimbos!!! With all those hookers with sylicones adds-on, they should have named the race : Plastic Balls Run!


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