The Edo Maserati MC 12R which we earlier reported about, just got better. Where the MC 12R had a modest 70hp power increase, the MC 12XX is aiming for Ferrari FXX competition, with a total of 800 bhp breathing under the hood. Edo was never very happy with the Maserati MC 12, even comparing the sound of the car to a Nissan Primera, and has undoubtedly outdone himself this time around.

So, if you have a MC12 sitting around, head on down to Ahlen, Germany. Tune it and maybe bring it on the grid of Toprun, or will the ‘stardard’ MC12 be amazing enough? With purchasing this program you will also receive 1 day of testing with an Edo instructor, mechanics, data recording, transport and hospitality.


[via WCF]

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