Cannonball Saleen

Today we received the first photo of the Cannonball Run Saleen Mustang we reported about last week. It’s a 281 Saleen with stock 550 BHP, for the Cannonball Run editions this will be upgraded to 600 BHP. This huge power lights up the tyres from 1st to 4th gear. It can do 100 mph at only 2800RPM. It revs to 6000 easily so with a 4/10 rear final drive and 20″ rims its very long legged.

The Saleen in the photo is the first one produced for the Great American Run organiser Tim Porter. This one (number 99) has 20″ 7 spoke chrome rims while the other Cannonball Run Saleens have 20″ 5 spoke black rims.

According to Tim Porter it’s an amazing car to drive. They really move in a straight line and it keeps you on the edge of your seat along the way. It’s great fun to drive and they sound awesome especially when the supercharger kicks in.

The first production run of the Ultimate bad boy cars starts next week. At the moment the first 11 cars have been sold and there will only be 25 cars built. One of these cars is reserved for the winner of the Great American Run an event based on the 70’s film The Cannonball Run. The other cars are only sold through the Cannonball World HQ. For more information and questions visit our Great American Run forum!

We can’t wait to get our hands on a video of the first cars in action.


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