In Sant Agata in Bologna they proudly present the 5000th Lamborghini Gallardo. This fantastic car is one of the biggest successes over the last 3 years. Sadly far from all these 5000 babies are still alive. The Gallardo appears in Coupé, Spyder and SE (Special Edition).

The Coupé was the first of the generation, with a 500 bhp strong V10. The roadster or Gallardo Spyder was presented on the LA Motor show in 2006. The roofless Gallardo had an V10 motor with 520 bhp.The Gallardo SE was presented at the end 2005, as a limited version of the coupé. The Gallardo SE is a little bit faster than the Coupé, what makes her doing 62 mph in 4 seconds instead of 4.2. The topspeed is 197 mph. Last summer all upgrades of the Spyder and SE were also available on the Coupé, which was called the Gallardo MY 06 (Gallardo Model Year 2006).

Gallardo Spyder

Gallardo SE

The sound of motorcar heaven, sound of the Gallardo SE.

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