Candy Run

Help, I am a Glamour Model seeking 3 Guys with Fast Cars to Enter Candy Run.

Hi my name is Candy Love, a model who is Co-Presenting a television show called Candy Run, I can only describe the show as an X-Rated Gumball with a difference, and you can win £20,000 (30,000 Euros).

I have three beautiful Glamour Models who are seeking three Guys with Fast Cars to enter the Rally in a bid to win the money, but they have to agree to give half the winnings to Breast Cancer Charities, if they win.

The Candy Run starts in London on the 21st July 2007 with up to 100 Supercar owners competing. The week long Rally will take them through Europe to 5 Gentleman’s Clubs and 5 naughty themed Parties. During the Party, the Girls will perform private dances for the Candy Runners and at the end of each dance, the Girls hand over a sealed envelope containing a 6 number combination code.

At the final Party back in London, the Candy Runners enter there combination codes into the safe and the person who has the correct code that opens the safe wins the money….

Our Television crew will follow our 3 Glamour models and their drivers throughout the Candy Run. We install wireless cameras in their Supercars and even in their hotel bedrooms. (sorry Guys, you do have to share a bedrooms with the Girls) This up close and personal VT footage will bring Speed and Glamour to the show.

So, if you really want some fun in and out of your Supercar, then please email me today candylove [at]

More information on Candy Run 2007 can be found at and at the GTspirit Candy Run Forum!

Love Candy xxx


  1. Hi Candy Love, i saw the advertisement in the national news paper today, and thought straight away thats a bit of me. I have always wanted to have ago at doing either the GUMBALL or the CANNONBALL for years, but money and women have always stoped me till now. I have been an avid follower of anythink of this nature since i can remember. So if i could get the chance to party hard, & drive harder, with a gorgeous girl by my side to collect the winnings, well that would make life so sweet, that i couldn’t thank you enough, & your humbal servant i would be for eternity.

    Yours Faithfully



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