GT3000 Interview in a Bentley

Two weeks ago GTspirit had an exclusive interview with GT3000, brainchild of Nils & his buddies. The interview took place in the back of a Bentley Continental Flying Spur while we were driven around in a German city. Nils invited car photographer Dino Pannhorst over to take some exclusive photographs for GTspirit. But first the interview:

Can you tell us a bit about your car collection?

During Gumball 2004 we drove a white Porsche GT3. In 2005 we had the Gulf GT3. This one is still in my garage but since I got my new red Porsche 997 Turbo I don’t drive it that often anymore. I also have a Golf R32 which is great if I want to take my dog somewhere.

What is your biggest passion?

Porsche! I’m addicted to it! It’s the combination of style, speed and reliability that makes me love them.

What was your first car?

Golf 3 Color concept in lemon green. Sadly it only lived 4 weeks, in a tight corner the car lost traction because of some dirt on the road, the car spun and hit an oncoming car and flipped over a couple times. Luckily nobody had serious injuries but it was the end of my first car.

Your favorite car?

Definatly a McLaren F1. Sadly I never had a chance to drive one. But for daily driving my Porsche 997 Turbo is great. I think the Porsche Carrera GT is my favorite car for on the track and use during road rallies.

How did GT3000 start?

We started the page exactly two years ago. When we put it online we only had three videos and a few pictures on it. The last two years was the best time in my life. I think we achieved a lot. We participated in rallies, had a great time with our mates at Scuderia Hanseat, made a professional calendar and now are working hard on our TopRun. Furthermore I think about to retire from my retirement and may be back in professional motorsport in 2007 or 2008. I am already in negotiations with some teams. We will see.

GT3000 Interview

What is your favorite video on

Chasing Rory!!!

We heard you are starting your own supercar rally in May 2007, can you tell us a bit more about it?

It’s called Top Run. We are leaving Hamburg on the 12th of May and finish 6 days later in Monaco. The first run will have about 25 teams at the grid. The entrance fee is set at 6000 euros per team.

Why did you decide to start your own rally?

We were looking for another rally to participate in, but we couldn’t find a rally that fit our needs. We were looking for a nice route, best hotels available, amazing food, great parties and most importantly a lot of driving. When we started Top Run we thought that no other rally could offer what we pleased.

What do you have included in Top Run?

Top Run will deliver the best driving roads, best hotels, racetracks, amazing parties and real petrolheads on the grid.

What kind of drivers can we find on the grid?

Real car enthusiast, this is not a celebrity run. We designed it with the petrolhead in mind so everything will be aimed at a great driving experience. Every driver will therefor need good driving capabilities and car handling.

What about the cars on the current grid?

The most special car on the grid right now is definatly the maserati MC12. It’s unique to have a car like that entered in a drivers event. The driver of the MC12 owns a couple other exclusive streetlegal and not streetlegal cars so he will definatly bring something special to the startline.
Until today we only have really fast cars on the grid and I am very confident that some other rally legends will sign in.

What car would you love to see on the grid?

A Bugatti Veyron of course! It’s the most exclusive supercar at the moment and we would love to have one at the Top Run grid. A very good friend of mine owns one and I hope that he will join us.

What is the most impressive bit of the Top Run?

Top Run has a lot of nice roads but the road from Dubrovnik to Lago di Garda is my personal favorite. Best roads, great scenery and it’s a real endurance stage.
And we should not forget the start party which will set a new standard.

What do you have in mind for the fans?

We will bring live updates at our website and of course the usual GT3000 photos and GT3000 videos in both HD quality and the normal quality. Dino Pannhorst will travel along with the rally to take professional photographs. You will get the best after rally coverage a rally ever had.
Furthermore you will be able to win a space for TopRun on the page. Check out during Christmas time. It is always worth a visit.

Stay tuned for Top Run 2007!

The Need to Speed!

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