Arbitraga GT

A supersports car to build? On a scale 1:1? Having more than 500 bhp? From Asia? Four questions, an answer: The Galmer arbitrage GT! 100 hours time and a fate little relating to crafts presupposed, are world-wide 350 hobby nut runners the pleasure to receive to place their own Supersportcar. The result absolutely not bad. This surely would be a very exclusive one in the Carbon Black Run, etc…

Arbitrage GT

The Engine is a 7,0 Liter V8 from General Motors, producing a 505 bph at 6300 rmp.
Maximum torque is 637 Nm at 4800 rpm.
Maximum speed, 0 to 62 mph, all need to be tested in the future.

Arbitrage GT
Arbitrage GT
Arbitrage GT

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