The Great American Run

Rumours of the World’s largest ever Cannonball Run are absolutely true! The Great American Run, starting at 4pm on July 29th 2007 will see some 400 cars starting from four separate host cities in the shape of Washington D.C, New York City, Miami and Atlanta. Cannonballers will then spend several long days behind the wheel, often in searing temperatures, all vying to arrive at the finishing line in a time that most closely matches that set by the organisers.

Along the way, Cannonballers will be expected to party hard every night and with Cities such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles on the route, there’ll be few objections!

For the real speed freaks, three separate tracks at The Willow Springs Raceway, out in the Mohave Desert, have been exclusively booked for the Great American Run – a unique chance to put the pedal to the metal at America’s first and possibly most challenging race track. The Willow Springs venue also offers a superb karting circuit for those that are thin enough, short enough, strong enough and fit enough to race in what is arguably the truest form of motor sport, and all with their anal glands just a couple of inches off the ground!

With the current dollar exchange rate against Sterling as high at 1.9, this is a great time to enter, and with flights available to either New York or Miami for around £350, the excuses not to go are fast running out! A rental Mustang convertible or Hemi 300C for the event will cost around £450 Sterling (including ‘one-way’ drop-off fees), so the only thing left to worry about is how to get home the custom made US$ 20,000 silver and gold winners trophy designed by Peter Maxwell of Maxwell-Aylwin Goldsmiths and the 500bhp victory lane prize car! There’s then a full 12-months as US Cannonball King or Queen before you need to pack your bags again to defend your crown with a complimentary entry into the 2008 Great American Run.

With over 150 cars already entered, the Great American Run is already the biggest rolling car event in the World and with only 8-months to go isn’t it time you decided if you’re a man or a boy! Secure your spot on the grid today!


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