We just finished the 4th day of racing, from Queretaro to Morelia, and I am beat. Today’s course included three timed speed sections on the legendary Mil Cumbres, in the mountains above the city. This is some tough road, more twisted than Michael Jackson’s porn collection, and just as scary to confront.

We did very well today. I seem to finally be getting the rhythm down to communicate with my driver, yelling out the next curve and its rating milliseconds before he comes up on it. Today’s course was a real challenge, especially on the last speed section. We came around a very sharp curve at about 80 KPH, only to see that one entire lane of the road was GONE, having been washed out by the rains the night before. There was a 20-foot section of the inner lane that was simply gone, as if a bite had been taken out of the road. We avoided it, as well as the other challenges offered today. Others were not so lucky. Four cars were smashed up today, and in at least one case the drivers are in the hospital.

I think today was the first time that it really sunk in that I could get killed doing this.

Thanks Coop for this write-up! More pics and stuff on the Positive Ape Index.

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