La Carrera Panamericana - Thoisy

Again the Flying Frenchman Pierre de Thoisy scooped the second stage of La Carrera Panamericana. Today the route went from the city of Veracruz towards Tehuacán in the State of Puebla.

At the helm of the Studebaker number 100, Thoisy charged through as one of the favorites for the most prestigious race gracing Mexico, and again was rewarded for his valiant efforts.

Behind Thoisy, Doug Mockett, who pilots the Oldsmobile number 133, came second to the finish line. Lars Stugemo, driver of the Studebaker number 114, had the best third time on the second stage.

On this occasion La Carrera Panamericana celebrated the Anniversary of the Foundation of the City of Tehuacán.

The drivers now head for Mexico City where they will visit the motor-racing circuit Hermanos Rodríguez to truly realise the tests of speed. Half an hour later they will leave the Capital City to continue with the Challenge of La Carrera, where the aim of the third day will be to descend on the unique city of Querétaro.

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