La Carrera Panamerican Crashed Car

On the 9th of November ‘La Carrera Panamericana’ started with a Qualifing stage. Because it’s a race, not a rally, the participants pushed the cars to the limit. The result was some crashed cars on the qualifying stage.

Thanks to Bret Haller for the pics and updates!

The first car out of the race was the Studebaker of Carlos Castillo and Carlos Ramierez. Ramierez walked away with a cut on his hand, Castillo walked away with the idea that he needed to find a new car for next year! This was the overall 2nd place car from last year. These guys know what they are doing and we are sorry to see them out after about a mile.

Unfortunatly, coming around a turn and seeing the inspired parking job of Castillo/Ramierez caused a few drivers to join him. Piloto Benjamin de la Pena in his Mini, was one. Always keep both eyes open when taking pictures of a car race, and be prepared to run!

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