Last update from Coop:

Apologies for falling behind in my raceblogging, but I have been too busy racing! Short version: On Thursday, Tom Silver (my other co-driver) and I ran pre-qualification, and finished in 7th position! Friday, Gerie and I had our first full day of racing, and ended up 7th overall!

Unfortunately, some sore loser filed a complaint against us, claiming that the motor in the Mustang was more than it should be, and we were bumped from Historic “C” class to Exhibition class. Oh well. It doesn’t mean we’re having any less fun.

Anyway, I’m leaving the hotel in a few moments for the Veracruz-Puebla leg of the race. I have full blog entries in the hopper for everything so far, and as soon as I have a spare moment (and some reliable internet) I will upload, I promise!

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