Team Lucha Libre

Doing a 2000 miles of pedal-to-the-metal driving in a 1966 Datsun Fairlady 1600 is nuts? Not for Team Lucha Libre!
The driver Michael Emery and his co-pilot Ted Donovan are participating ‘La Carrera’ in the category ‘Historical A’ in that ‘rally-build-up’ roadster.

Drivers Lucha Libre

The Lucha Libre Racing Fairlady was found in San Francisco on Craigslist. The car was constructed by Greg Tuetken, a long-time Datsun enthusiast and race car builder based in Novato, California.

It features a 5 main R16 engine, fed by twin SU carburetors, Nissan competition sway bar and springs, KYB gas shocks, 4 wheel disc brakes, Auto Meter gauges and Crow Racing 5 pt harnesses. It is shod with 195/60/14 Yokohama AO32R’s riding on 14×6 Panasports.

More infos about the team on their Lucha Libre Racing site.


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