In the world of funked-up fabulous machines and auto-legends, we might have all thought it safe to hibernate for the winter and savour our fuel-lust for Spring 2007. But it isn’t time for sleep just yet, with the Unlimited Class at La Carrera Panamericana giving the nod for the end of season twist of the road…… in this case it’s not a rally….. it’s that beautiful four-lettered word that reincarnates a superb event of yesteryear into a modern motor-munch with a solid base of competition. I’ll give you a clue: it begins with ‘r’ and doesn’t rhyme with ‘Sally’……

To gee up the crowd, I’m hugely proud to present you with a very special addition to the hardcore racers: Rachel Larratt, taming a Lotus to her tune and aiming to show the boys exactly what she’s made of!

And where there’s a tale of old, there’s always a bigger twist…… how well do you know your history, folks?

If you’re unsure just look at the engine bay. History sometimes has quite an unusual surprise.

A very special addition to the calendar of speed is about to make its mark……

Penny x

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