GTspirit 1 year

One year ago from today I started something called With nothing but a bunch of ideas and my love for supercars, me and the crew created something that in the last 12 months got over 5 million hits and a forum community with over 20000 posts and more then 800 users.

A year with ups and downs, great moments & sad moments, some good bye’s and many warm welcomes!

Let’s celebrate our first birthday and look forward to a new year of supercar madness and a better and bigger GTspirit!

I would like to thank the crew, the fans, the visitors, the drivers & organisers and all the people that supported us over the past year! GTspirit wouldn’t be what it is now without you!


  1. Hey best congrats and wishes!!

    gtspirit is the best website for information about rallys like gumball3000 and carbonblack and all the car-maniacs-community!

    Many thanks to the “godfather” Des and his team, to never give up although it was a difficult time somtimes!

    Keep up the great work, i will whenever it is possible for me support you with stuff and pics like during this years gumball!



  2. Over the past you have done a great job Des, even when Maxi pads tried to take you down. I wish you and your team a Happy Birthday, and hope the next one goes even better.



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