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The Carbonites have been sauntering into the beautiful city of Geneva tonight, after another day of hard-driving and cop-teasing. The city, which is famous for its fine architectural heritage and is home to the European HQ of the United Nations, has acquired a number of stunning mobile landmarks to add to its cultural portfolio: the United Nations of Carbon Black.

This morning the pack hit the road and were given a police escort to the border. Some set off sooner than others……

Adam, our shy and retiring wallflower, decided that that Wednesday night’s party in Barcelona couldn’t possibly end when it was supposed to, and carried on regardless. Generous to the last, Adam showed his gratitude to the hotel staff by gifting them a special brand of free and exclusive swimming lessons. Which they weren’t necessarily agreeing to as he helpfully entered them into the pool. Adam’s lessons were cruelly cut short when he was banned from the pool area. A true water baby, one can only imagine Adam’s huge disappointment at this.

The Spanish police were relentless in their pursuit of the Carbon Black, with Tangospeed being pulled over only ten minutes after departure. Many drivers were intercepted by the Jobsworth Amigos. A knucking fackered Ferrari 430 requiring a 360 Modena as replacement; HeCe’s hangover; and some underhand undercover cop antics have made today another groundbreaker in Carbon Black legend.

On return to France, some ticket-evading techniques were required and duly instigated by Tangospeed, by passing through the toll checkpoint via the gas station. We like sneaky and devious; they are good traits in a driver in this situation…….

The Daddies of Carbon Black, Nods and Dean arrived safe and sound tonight. No reports of Dean displaying any unusual navigational strategies today. And no tree squashing antics from Nods, either.

Tonight, an exquisite dinner at the stunning La Reserve hotel will ensue. Polish Adam has arrived (approx 2113 hours GMT); which leaves me wondering if the other Carbonites who arrived before him have covered up the hotel signs to the swimming pool before he got there….

I doubt the swimming pool will be much of an adventure for Adam. After his brush with the undercover cops, he will be seeking out bigger and better water features. Where better than Geneva? There’s the bloody great big Lake Geneva for starters and the Jet D’Eau to entertain his mischief. So, for anyone in Geneva area, if a madman who tells you that he’s got an LP640 asks you to go ‘sightseeing’ tonight, politely decline unless you want a soaking….

Tomorrow, the Road Royalty will hot-tyre it to sex up 28 parking slots at the finish in Milan. And to the Mother of All Parties.

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