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The deliciously cheeky Carbonites played cute with the cops today, as the Hollywood style OTT road-blockades, choppers and law-speak were deployed by the local enforcement agencies. Interrogations abound (no rubber gloves or thumbscrews reported, thankfully), the chaps nodded and spoke in all the right places in order to ensure the release of the SpeedBeasts to Barcelona. Although Pete had already accumulated some experience in dealing with those who live in the hope that they must be obeyed at Leeds Castle. Mr. Howarth summed up the Carbon behaviour to this type of stuffy attitude when he surmised Mr. Fenton’s potential response to a situation with such jobsworths: “Erm, do you realise underwear goes inside the pants?”

Restricted to a disgraceful 4.9km/h over the legal (or, apparently, face the consequences….. yawn), the Carbon Pack growled on their way, with boyish smiles and a glint of disobedience in their eyes. Well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. And if Carbon Black is Rome, Lord Naden is not only the Pope of Rallying but a true Roman – and we’re all aware of how the first page of the Book of Carbon came to be by now…….

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a rocket on steroids. Able to leap the Gendarmerie and Guardia Civil in a single bound. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh, blimey, it’s Adam! After sending the peacocks of Kent into a crazed mating frenzy with a couple of swift revs of the engine, on Day 2 Mr. Wiltziewicz appeared to have blanked out all practical advice as to actions and consequences from his European police advisors, which is great because it makes it all the more fun for us. Pardon, Mr. Policeman? So, you pulled me over. So you think you can catch an LP640 once you let me go? You seem deluded, can I direct you to the nearest psychiatric institution, Mr. Policeman?

Lord Speedy Von Naden ranked in the Top 5 in Barcelona; which was a feat in itself, as Dean Van Navigator momentarily displayed all the directional sense of a bee with one wing (probably when playing ‘I-Spy’ when passing young lasses with more than a handful of fun in their brassieres). Somehow, both N&D momentarily regained their composure to home in on their Spanish partido del alboroto.

I am at a loss as to how the lovely boys of Team 8888888 have progressed in their transport challenge….. boys, drop me a PM and let me know. We’re so gutted for the Lambo – I’m almost tempted to mount an auto-heist for its rescue…..

Ordeal by officers was the theme for Day 2: jubilantly, tonight the babies lap up Barcelona in defiant style, champing at the bit to show the world that the Carbon Black is a serious contender in global rallying. That’s right, the word is most definitely rallying….

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