Penny P

A pre-requisite of any good rally is a party that out-parties others. Leeds Castle, with all its history and heritage was blasted into the present day with a good dose of gunpowder, grog and gorgeous Rally Tigers (and Tigresses) with the exclusive Carbon Black launch party…..

Burlesque was on the agenda, with twirling tassles, tongue-in-cheek play and lashings of flesh. The Carbonites chowed down (yes, chowed down, not went down – unless someone else has another version for me) on a nudey-lady sushi style (I am still trying to obtain eye-witness confirmation of the dining on the right nipple), whilst vivacious vixens stalked the floor in basques and stockings…..

The tables heaved under copious stocks of free liquor…… which didn’t go to waste….

Carbon Black’s very own ice maiden wasn’t left virgo intacta. Some might have said she was ‘off ‘er tits’, others might say there was some third party intervention. Some nifty handiwork by Polish Adam saw a large chunk of her being projectiled through a window.


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