Cannonball 8000

Friday morning over 120 cars departed from Earls Court in London for a 3 day journey to Budapest as part of the Cannonball 8000. This year is the fourth edition and it is similar to previous Cannonball events: a group of petrolheads does a 3 day run through Europe Cannonball style.

After the start in Earls Court it was off to the channel tunnel and through france into Belgium. The cars drove into Brussel during fridays rush hour where crowds slowly started to build at the Conrad hotel once the first couple of cars arrived. One of the highlights of this years Cannonball 8000 was the Ariel Atom, a true sports car without a body.

The Conrad Hotel in Brussels:
Conrad Hotel

After more then two hours about 30 cars still had to arrive. We decided to get something to eat and get ready to party! The Cannonball 8000 picked Gallery Louise as location for their fridaynight party. Gallery Louise is one of the hottest clubs in Brussels at the moment, when we arrived there were a lot of people cueing to get in. Luckily we got it right away thanks to the Cannonball 8000 crew. Inside it was hot, really hot! Unlike most rallies the party wasn’t Cannonballers only so there was a good mix of people, including a lot of young people though. We had great fun and after the party it was time to head of to a well earned sleep.

Next day the Cannonballers left Brussels around 9am. Destination was Prague which included a long stretch of German autobahns where the Cannonballers got the chance enjoy the unlimited speedlimit. Giszmo catched up with the Cannonballers in Germany and took some pictures of the cars passing by.

Pictures of the Cannonball 8000 in Brussels:

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