Don’t ask me what they are saying! But for the Estonians the arrival of The Challenge 2006 was hard to miss. The Estonian newspaper Postimees also took some pictures of the teams arriving in Tallinn last night.


  1. The estonian article said that racers from Holland had a “warm welcome”. Three of them got tickets and two were put into jail for speeding and ignoring police.

    Sorry that you guys are unrespectful to us and to our laws. I have to mark that the red star and Lenin on your banners are very offending for us (Baltic states). The same way as Nazi swastika does, think about it.

  2. As an estonian I’d like to comment your flag – for our eyes it’s like a flag with Hakenkreuz und Hitler. Would you have liked if Estonians had been visiting Amsterdam with a Hitler-flag? I can’t imagine that you would have found it funny and entertaining. So, please don’t be surprised if we can’t laugh at it here in Estonia. It hurts…

  3. – here is one arcticle too.
    They say, that two racers had tu stay a night in jail, 3 racers has to pay penalty.
    Estonian police is very angry, because in last two months there has been too much accidents because of exceeding speed limits or drunk drivers. Many young people are dead. Few weeks ago Estonian Prime minister asked drivers to wear black ribbon on cars antennas.

    Someone commented in this arcticle, that on of the guys, who’s in jail, has more money than Estonian 10 richest people in all :)

    BTW sorry, my English is not wery good :)

  4. They are saying, how many of the teams got fined and one jailed for speeding and ignoring police commands!
    Given the huge fatality rates on Estonian roads, I hope they spend a while in russian-era prisons..

  5. theyre saying that dealing with the latvian police was simple, but not with the estonian and that u are laying low to avoid any more trouble. they also mention a warning given after not stopping at the stop sign etc etc

  6. This article in Postimees says that Latour Johannes Ca and Cornelis Box were arrested for speeding and ignoring police stop-signal. They are arrested for ten days.
    They got bored in chamber and asked for some job – now they paint rooms to do something.

    (sorry for my bad english)

  7. I would be interested to know, why there is no word in here about the two dutchmen, who were put in prison for 10 days, because they missed a stop sign repeatedly and were caught only because the police car blocked their road;)


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