Bert & Ernie

Team Bert & Ernie is heading back to Riga because they couldn’t enter Estonia because of missing paperwork. That sounds familiar… DHL is getting the right papers to Riga tonight so they can continue their journey to St Petersburg tomorrow. If the papers don’t get there by tomorrow they fly out to St Petersburg and join the other Challengers there.

Today the Challengers caught a lot of attention from the local police, and not without any consequences. Team Miami Vice and Team SFPD are in jail at the moment and will be brought to court tomorrow morning for ignoring a couple stop signs. Team Bert & Ernie also ignored a stop sign and hid from the police at the nearest exit. The police drove by with sirens and lights and started pulling over other Challengers to ask where the Porsche driven by Bert & Ernie went. Bert & Ernie took off the suits, put on some sunglasses and passed the same police car less then 20 minutes later without raising any suspicion.

Team SFPD:

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    wat is dat nou? Geen papieren? Hebben jullie nog een P.A. nodig voor voorbereidend werk gedurende jullie race om de beker? Alleen ik heb te lange benen om op de achterbank te zitten … en zie ik alleen maar dat plafond…want jullie hoofden zijn te groot HAHAHAA

    Zorg dat jullie ze allemaal inhalen of ander vlieg je toch gewoon?

    KUS, SiGi


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