Bullrun Team Mosler / Hollywood Poker

Thanks to Team Mosler!

DAY 3 – BULLRUN UPDATE: CAR #06 – Hollywood Poker / TEAM MOSLER

Chicago, IL / St. Louis, MO / Kansas City, KS
Driver: Troy Hanson / Co-driver: Jacob Mosler

Thank God for Red Bull !! As Day 3 commenced, I was joined by Jacob Mosler (son of Warren Mosler – the guy that built this magnificent machine). He did however inform me that he didn’t have a driver’s license and couldn’t drive. Isn’t the whole point of being co-driver, relieving the primary driver when we’re too hung-over, or tired or just doesn’t want to drive anymore. In any case, he was a really cool dude and we made the most of it. We headed to Lake Forest for our first pit stop, checked out some cool cars and we’re off. Team Safety Car led the way as we made out way through Illinois, followed by the Mosler and the Checkered Flag Porsche. The A/C started acting up and as you could imagine, it heats up pretty quickly in the cockpit. While driving through Springfield, we all noticed the signs for HOOTERS, next right. Good minds think alike – we didn’t have to think twice. It’s amazing how a Mosler, Shelby GT-H and Porsche cab attract attention. We feasted on some wings, made friends with the locals and realized after spending 2.5 hours there, we needed to be on our way. The Bullrun crew was packing up as we pulled into the Anheiser Busch Brewery. And despite the fact we were in last place for this leg, we at least had enjoyed the day and spent some time with Springfield finest. We made it into Kansas City in plenty of time to enjoy that evening’s party. But the hotel (Intercontinental) should have at least informed us their hot water heater was broken. None of the drivers/ co-drivers could take a hot shower that evening. Most of us took it upon ourselves and splashed about in the pool.

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