Student Gumball Rally

Our sponsored team for the Student Gumball Rally, Team Gumball Patrol is ready for the student rally of the year. On 3 September over 150 teams will start their journey from the UK to Croatia in 6 days.

Gumball Patrol will be featured on GT spirit during the event. Below is an introduction of our sponsored team including a cool video!

The Car:

Model: Subaru Impreza STI
Year: 2002
WHP: 350
Modifications: Complete Exhaust, EcuTek, Aquamist, Whitelinekit and much more…
Gadgets for the rally: CBRadio, Sirens, Flashlights, TomTom910 Navi, Notebooks and much more…

The Team:

Driver: Mario Fussen
Age: 25
Intrests: Electronics, Computes, Hot Cars and Hot girls

Co-Driver: Daniel Marx
Age: 25
Intrests: Cars, Electronic, Computers, his Subaru Forester

Gumball Patrol Video:

Stay tuned for more!

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