Here’s a little preview of what to expect on in september. September will be the rally month of the year with more events then in any other month this year. First up are the Student Gumball, Cannonball Run Europe and The Challenge 2006 (previously known as the Quote Challenge).

You can expect updates from all three of them. Our featured team at the Student Gumball, Team 80 aka Team Gumball Patrol will send us regular updates from the Student Gumball while they are heading from the UK to Croatia from the 3rd to 8th september.

Student Gumball Team 80

The 2nd Cannonball Run of the year will bring the participants from Belgium to an unknown destination somewhere in Europe. One thing we know is that we will keep you informed about their progress. The Cannonball Summerchallenge II starts september 3rd and the finish is at the 9th of september.

The Challenge 2006

The Quote Challenge is renamed to The Challenge 2006 this year and the drivers will experience a return trip to St Petersburg from the 3rd to 10th September. Among the cars listed is a Spyker, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder & a 9 meter long Hummer with 4 girls onboard! GTspirit will bring you indepth coverage of this major dutch supercar rally.

Then we have 5 days off until another rally starts: Cannonball 8000. Not to be mistaken with the Cannonball Run Europe which is a whole other event. Cannonball 8000 hits the road from London to Budapest this year from the 15th to 17th September.

Closing the September rally month is the Torpedo Run. A German event running from Munich to Hamburg with a route including Austria, Italy and Switserland. The last day marks a run at a highspeed track in Papenburg.

Stay tuned for September rally month on!

Torpedo Run – Munich to Hamburg – 22nd to 24th September

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