Bullrun Team Mosler / Hollywood Poker

Thanks to Team Mosler!

DAY 2 – BULLRUN UPDATE: CAR #06 – Hollywood Poker / TEAM MOSLER

Toronto, Canada / Windsor Casino / Chicago, IL
Driver: Troy Hanson / Co-driver: Todd Wagner

Day 2 started way too early for most of the Bullrunners. We partied too late into the night, many of us seeing the sunrise. I fortunately went to bed at a reasonable hour (3:30am) and woke up early to insure we had a full tank of gas and that I had the opportunity to eat some breakfast. We started in about the 15th position, followed by Team Safety Car (Shelby Mustang GT-H) driven by Justin Thompson. We seemed to pair up nicely since we had a similar fuel range. And when needed, his Shelby outfitted with lightbar, PA, antennas, scanner and CB, seemed to clear a path for us coming out of Toronto. Well on our way, we pulled over (illegally) by a person claiming to be part of the Highway Safety Dept of Ontario, Canada. He proceeded to call in actual squad cars and I was issued a ticket for doing 175 kph in a 100 kph zone. He didn’t radar me, laser me or even pace me – he stated “that he saw several cars going fast and he couldn’t could catch them, so he decided to pull over us, because we weren’t speeding.

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