Thanks to Team Unlimited Class:

Sometimes during the Bullrun you wish that you had the restraint of a little old lady driver like Emil in his Lambo. (Yeah, right! Emil is fast!)
Emil got his orders from the best looking woman on the rally Keri (seen rocking the mic’ while Davey occupies the back seat.)


Lacking any real moral guidance (sorry I didn’t return your call mom) we set out with Jason into the Iron Curtain north of San Diego. (odds are Emil’s Lambo was front running with us .. aka first car to reach the freeway .. that lambo looked and smelled good before we snuck by it!)

A first run Gumballer, Bullrunner, Male exotic dancer and all around great guy, Skiny conceded that radios do not lie … helicopters go fast … and identifying numbers can go away. I was trying to sleep in the back. Such is getting a ride on Bullrun.

I said “let’s loose all the stickers

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