Thanks to Team Unlimited Class:

Kevin, Jason and Skiny were rocking the maps in the morning getting ready for the run.

I hung out with peter and checked the odd water pattern on his wheels.

Coming down the hill into Vail, the rain was so severe that Peter spun the GT3RS twice at 50mph. Yikes!

Skiny assured me that he had a plan in mind, so I was free to walk around and snap pictures. Vail also had the best internet hookup of the entire Bullrun- at a free hotspot outside of the supermarket. How is it that supermarkets and coffee shops can figure out wireless but not a damn hotel in the USA can figure out wireless OR Ethernet in hotels.

The plan was to roll with the ONE and ONLY Jason G.

Jason and his black Navigator had gotten a 1st and a few top 5 finishes so far. Enough said!

Rolling out of Vail was a great experience. As there was a trooper at every on ramp, we all rolled two wide down the canyon at 50 or so. It was an impressive sight!

The helicopters always inspire some fun driving too!

Kevin, Skinny and I arrived 7th in Vegas after some hard charging in the Audi. It was a great day and a wonderful drive. I got nabbed on the 15, but the officer was nice and friendly and gave me a free massage. I needed one after all the driving.

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