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Day 6 – Las Vegas, Nevada to San Diego, California

The event was winding down, but the enthusiasm and testosterone levels remained high for the start of Day 6.

This morning, we departed Caesar’s Palace for breakfast at the Shelby America facility at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Despite the fact that no one was watching, all the front runner cars set a blistering pace as we headed for LVMS.

This morning, JP and I were once again in the Audi.

The Panoz, despite its flawless performance thus far, had suffered an air conditioning compressor failure. We decided to give that car a rest for the morning’s activities.

After a nice breakfast and informative tour at Shelby, the cars went down the street to the LVMS Derek Daly road course for a little road course action.

There were two groups on the track:

The first group was for people who just wanted to do the minimum laps to get their route card while the second group was for people who wanted to “tear it up.

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