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Day 4 – Kansas City, Missouri to Vail, Colorado

After 3 days of brutal driving and Interstate mayhem, all the Bullrun drivers felt like we had crossed a major hurdle.

Today’s start was to be from the Intercontinental Hotel in Kansas City, Kansas.

As the cars lined the entry driveway, anticipation and anxiety built.

For today’s drive, JP Clinging and I would once again take the helm of the RS4, this time, with an official Bullrun cameraman in the back seat. This was one of the great ironies of the event. We had a relatively benign looking 4 door sedan, and while it didn’t garner the attention of every onlooker, it certainly captivated the hearts and minds of many with the added bonus of a back seat. I can’t imagine doing 3800 miles inside the cramped quarters of a true sports car, but here we were inside a car that performed as well as any of them with tons more room, an attribute much appreciated by passengers.

We set off for the sprint to the freeway having been tipped off that the “cops were waiting for us.

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