Thanks to Team Unlimited Class:

Kansas City was a late night for some. A red Escalade was lost, presumably after the driver found the house party that he invited me to go to. I’m happy I missed that ride, as the Escalade was all kinds of smashed in the morning. Rollover? Tree? (As you can see, the Escalade is not stickered and was not officially part of the Rally. They were the entourage of rapper Obie Thrice, who himself is in the entourage of Eminem.)

I threw my bags in the Audi with Skiny and Kevin, grabbed the Magellan GPS, and jumped in the grey Lotus for the day with David Green, one of the two owners of the Bullrun and one of the board of directors for The Unlimited Class at La Carrera Panamericana. Dave and I left an hour or so early to do advance work at the speedway. It was smooth driving with no traffic.

The drive was not without a visit from a local fan who wanted David’s autograph for 70 something in a 65.

After the officer gave David the ticket, he showed us who the real man was by having us follow him at 75 in a 55 all the way back to a mail box where we had to put cash in an envelope (that the officer would only hold open and not touch the cash) and mail it in a post box. It was quite the time killer.

The Drag strip was fun, but by the time we got there the front runners like Tove were already coming back from refuling.

Carl Lewis got the better of the Mossler for the first few yards at the drag strip!

After a quick gas stop, I took the wheel and we headed toward Vail with the Keith Privite / Greg Simms Bentley. We had a great time swapping places with them all across Colorado. Super nice guys, the two of them.

Taking the 67 (as I remember), we got off the highways and got into some real driving. Previte / Simms and Haller/ Green went over the 67 and stirred up a hornets nest that resulted in the next 6 cars (including Stefan) receiving an all out “what the hell do you think you boys is doin’

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