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Kevin’s night in Chicago

Earlier in the day, our pal Davey G. Johnson at Jalopnik put up a distress post for us on his site, asking people to shake the trees in search of worthy parts to help us get down the road. Luckily, one of Jalopniks readers happened to be a previous entrant of the Bullrun and called us up. He lived in Chicago and he knew go-fast people!!

While I had a beer and watched the Cuban brothers with Stefan and Jason, Kevin went to make a midnight offer on a motor that we could swap out and put in the Stude. (Yes, I tried to go with him, but Kevin told me someone should be having fun.) Sadly, the motor turned out to be an alcohol drinking drag motor with some insane amount of compression. I have to hand it to Kevin, he was willing to throw down and buy a new engine … change the engine out while in the back of the Gas Monkey Garage truck driving down the highway … and then get back into the fray. The Bullrun isn’t even a race.

I returned to the room to find a few hand written pages of Kevin’s notes of all the possible speed shops and phone numbers we could call in the morning sitting next to his computer on the desk. He had not given up.


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