Bullrun 2006


’Always First’

1. Team Forest Park Pictures. Tove Christensen & Peter Michels.

2. Team Texas. The Collins Bros.

3. Team Riecke. Jared Riecke and Byron Burkhardt.


Magnaflow ’Hot 1/4’ Award

For the quickest time over the 1/4 mile at Great Bend, Kansas. The winners, Team Chris, Christian Briggs and Christopher Roundtree in the quick as hell Porsche.


’Violator Award”

1. Will Mellor. 3 tickets in one hour on the rally 2 for speeding, one for going to slow..and apparently getting over the border without a passport.


’Try Hard Award’

1. Rory Camangian’. Dressed like a matador all week..though most thought he was a 200 pound mouse. Part of Team Los Matadors, had Pamplona style runners in front of his car in Times Square..legendary! One of the great all time road-trip blog writers.


’Spirit of Bullrun’

Team L4YUK – Paul ’Spaceman’ Richards and Handsome Pete Dingle. The boys form the UK shipped their very rare 340R Lotus from the UK, got it out of customes just in time, and drove in every weather condiotion imaginable without a roof..


’Style Award’

Uncle Frank, the Legend and the Chaos boys, Abi, Omar and Tarun. They brought a 45’ tour bus, two cars and four lades with them..always the life and sould of the party. Only hiccup..that strip search of uncle Frank by the PD..now where’s that cushion to sit on..?


Notable mentions..

Annabelle Frankl, Team Twins, first girl ever to get arrested on Bullrun. 105 mph…enough said.

Chuck Mallett and Danny Coyle, built a 1000 bhp Corvette for the trip, were 3 day late and finally caught up with the rally in Kansas. Had to refuel every 55 miles…but potentially clocked the fastest time at 210mph. Yes 210mph.

The wayward brothers, brothers to Damian Miller and Dennis Collins… Alex Miller and Michael Collins decided a 2.30am close in San Diego wasn’t enough for them and for headed to ’go out’ in Mexico..only problem, Alex forgot to take his UK passport and had a little trouble at the border

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