Thanks to the Unlimited Class:

We had planned on getting some restful sleep before the Bullrun start so that we could go over things in the morning. That did not happen. After dinner I got a call from my friend Molly, who happened to be in the downstairs bar with her friend Stephen. One thing led to another, Kevin was drug out of the room where he was trying to sleep, and we headed up to the rooftop bar to talk shop about films and cars. Molly and Stephen were trying to get us to go to some club, as was Skiny, who was texting from Marquee. We called it a semi-early evening and headed to bed. Sleep was hard to come by due to yelling in the street, cars doing doughnuts, and general mayhem six floors below us that kept waking us up.

In the morning, we gathered up our belongings and headed for the Studebaker. As pre-arranged, our bags would be traveling with our friend (and coolest man on the Bullrun) Skiny, as the Stude has no storage to speak of except for tool space and a place for the Cool Shirt cooler and a fresh shirt for the end of the ride.

We hopped in the Stude, jumped behind Skiny the NYC local, and headed to Times Square.

Times square was great. All I had to say to Kevin was “I’ll bet you never thought you would see your car sitting here!

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