Bullrun 2006 - Vanimal

Colin Herrick (GTSpirit member:Vanimal) and his dad Eric sent Colin’s Subaru Forrester out to Cobb in Utah for a bit of tweaking. Unfortunately, the new intercooler got installed right on top of an A/C line, which it promptly burned through, leaving the Herricks without the cool end of their climate control during one of the hottest summers on record throughout the Western US. Yet the boys from Santa Cruz pressed on with wet towels wrapped around their heads. Along with the guys in the permanently-topless Lotus 340R (who at one point were pelted with rocks), the Herricks win the prize for the hardiest fools on the Bullrun. According to Colin, “I don’t know if my dad will be back next year. I’m a little worried about his heart. His two-cigarette-a-day habit went up to 20.”

Thanks to Jalopnik!


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