Team Rides

Team Rides Update 4: Day 4

Even before man discovered that the world was round, we’ve relied on maps, granted the ones then were a tab bit inaccurate with the earth not being flat and all, but today’s GPS navigation is on point, and I depend on it like a welfare check. Ben on the other hand would rather play Carmen San Diego with an atlas and compass. Lucky for the NAVMAN unit I’ve got Tony riding with me today, so it will be able to do its job unquestioned… But Tony forgets to set it before we barrel out of the Intercontinental Hotel and get lost while we wait for it to configure. Yes, it would of made more sense to have pulled over and waited but how cool does that does that look?

The afternoon stop is in Good Bend, KS at a drag strip. I am stoked, all trip I have been waiting to work a few Italians and Germans from a stop. The Z06 should run an 11.5 in the quarter. This car truly is amazing; it’s scary fast, sexy and even handles well—granted it takes a confident driver to tame its high-strung behavior.

Kansas is pretty flat so we are running at a good clip. Already one driver change in, we have passed quite a few Bullrunners trying to make up for over sleeping 20 minutes or so. Then…BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP, the Sensoro radar starts screaming—a state trooper is passing us going the other way. He jumps the divider and pulls Tony over. Not sure how fast we were moving, but he claims to have snagged us at 85. Tony shrugs and we wait for his second speeding ticket from the humor-deprived officer. “Here is a ticket for going 85 in a 70 and here is one for racing,


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