Team Rides

Team Rides Update 3: Day 3

Four hours of sleep is far from respectable, but then again neither is raging every night so you wake up forgetting how you got there, and then proceed to get on the road to tear the tarmac like you don’t need a driver’s license. But like ya birthday, Bullrun only comes once a year…

Today’s route cards are being handed out 30 minutes north of Chi-Town to avoid sitting in the city’s notorious rush-hour traffic jams. The Cuban Brothers—a British comedy troop—make many laugh and even more cringe with their always-ridiculous performances (if you curious, use Google).

Moments after the cars enter the interstate, it’s on. Lambos, Infinitis, Bimmers, Benzes and our Vette are storming between cars at over a buck. Ben is driving and seems to of shaken off the ticket he got in NY. But I am not worried about having RIDES repping the front-runners today—Tony Harmer is driving the photo-support vehicle. The Trailblazer SS quits at 137mph, but Tony has no problem keeping it there all day.

It’s becoming obvious that Illinois will be no cakewalk. The cops are pulling out in force and before I can say “BEAST.

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