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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Today was a spectacular except for one incident, that I will go into detail about later. The day started about 8:30 while we were loading the car and Alex was trying to get the Darkcyd Gallardo fixed for today’s stage which was first to Las Vegas Speedway at the Carol Shelby factory. We all got a tour of the factory which includes making the AC Cobra based on the original 1965 model. In fact, they had Carol Shelby’s original model which is still titled in his name on display. we also saw the Hertz GTH special cars being produced of which today the last one ever produced rolled of the line so to speak. We then took a lap on the old Las Vegas race track with all our cars, including the Darkcyd Navi. Before we switched, Alex called and the Lambo was had to have the clutch replaced, which could not be done in time, so Alex and Danyell had to fly to our ultimate destination which was San Diego. An interesting sidenote- the reason the car was not drivable was because the Lambo has a sensor on the clutch plate. When it gets too low it puts the car into limp mode, to prevent further damage to the car.

We then did a Chinese fire drill, and Bulent took the Bentley with Holly and Aaron, I took the Gt3Rs with Peter, Bart took the Lotus with Tara, and Jason our Darkcyd star who had been upsetting the front runners by beating them in a 55k dollar SUV bombed away as usual with the luggage. Our destination was Lake Havasu, and although Peter and I missed two turns on the way to the main highway, because he was too stubborn to try and figure out who to turn the volume on the Navigation, after only 20 minutes, I caught all of our group, except for the Darkcyd Navi, which I have never caught. we were pushing really hard, and the road leading to Havasu which is 95 South, and there was nothing around so I really tested some limits, since I felt we were front runners which make it much safer from being concerned about police. Any time you are middle of the pack, the police have had time to organize and you were certainly at minimum get some tickets. There are exceptions to every rule though, and today was one. I blew by a cop at speeds I think would be ill advised to publish. I immediately got ready to just pull over , even thought he did not hit his lights. Peter was freaking because he thought we were going to jail for sure, and honestly so was I. But for reasons I cannot explaining, he did not stop. So we continued on until we were blocked by a train. This allowed a couple Bullrunners to catch up, and we all quickly got into the town of Lake Havasu about 15 minutes later. The road were supposed to use to arrive at our destination was South Mccullough Blvd, and our pit stop was a little island hut. The problem was that the Navigation could not distinguish properly the fact that South Mccullough was directly on top of North Mccullough, by being over a bridge confused everyone’s navigation and kept putting people i a loop. as a result, pandemonium broke out all over town as we people we driving in every direction to solve the problem. We finally got directions from Jason in the Navi and Peter and I found it and arrived about 13th. While we waited for the Bentley and the Lotus, we grabbed some snacks and the Red Porsche 928 arrived called team Canada. The girl in the Car asked the group who owned the lotus, and I responded that I did. She then called me an Asshole basically , until I informed her, I was not daring my own car. When Tara and Bart finally arrived, I learned that about 4 cars were following the Lotus when It was trying to turn around to get on the proper street and instead of following in a u turn they all cut the Lotus off to beat it to the checkpoint. I informed Bart about her attitude, and he went up to her and her husband to discuss, and while he was cool , the wife did not ever seem satisfied, even though our car was the one that was cut off.

Anyway, we decided to Chinese Fire drill again, and I took Aaron and Holly with me in the Bentley, with Peter and Bulent back in the Porsche, and Bart and Tara remaining ion the Lotus. after a quick gas stop, we found an alternative route to what most would take and took off. the roads were isolated undulating and fast. I quickly lost the others, even thought the GT3 left ahead of us to do recon. We went through some beautiful mountains, an area called the sand Dunes near the Mexican border, and then rolling hills followed by the beautiful wind turbines in the back ground. The Darkcyd Navi kept reporting cope ahead and for the most part were were ok by the time we saw them. Since their was so many people taking different routes, it was difficult for them to organize. After one pit stop at a gas station that took no more than 5 minutes, we eventually caught up with the Darkcyd Navi even though the left the first checkpoint 20 minutes earlier. there is a governor on that car limiting it to 110, and the Bentley obviously has no such limitations. I then caught a new Z06 and silver Porsche, and new that being only 75 miles outside of San Diego I was in contention for top 3. Since I knew I would take it easy on the last day, I knew this was my chase to help Jason with another top 5 finish. The girl in the z06 who is doing the run with her fraternal twin brother, passed me like I was going 50 and I quickly learned she must be British because when she was in the fast lane she always put her left blinker on to encourage others to move out of her way. Knowing that would not help since most Americans have never been to Europe, I passed her and it was a sprint to the finish. We called Alex who was waiting at the checkpoint, which was a train station, for better directions based on Traffic, since he is from San Diego, and with the Audi driven by “skinny” by the producers of a new movie about the Pan American rally, Brent and Kevin for chasing me to the finish, we made un en expected right turn and beat them to the finish to record my first top 5 finish for Team Darkcyd, and the only time I beat the Darkcyd Navi.

We then got a tour of a private train, owned by Pual Mitchell whom when I met did not realize who he wask and got a nince tour of his Train car with full kitchen, multiple bedrooms, and a living room. I also met the girl in the Z06, who was from Europe as I thought, and learned she was arrested only the day before for excedding 105MPH.

I then got the call I should have dreaded. Tara called to tell me the Lotus engine gasket blew at very high speeds with they were dog fighting in the mountains with our GT3. My only concern was getting them a flatbed to get the car to a secure place and get both Bart and Tara, quickly to the W hotel which is where we were staying. If anyone on this email list from the Lotus group can give me a good mechanic to ship the car too, I would really appreciate the help. Perhaps Karl Franz can suggest someone in Florida. when thy eventually got to the hotel, I learned how aggressive they were being. Bart got the car up to 165 and the GT3 driven by a very capable German could not keep up. He then saw oil spewing from the rear very badly and quickly like an oil slick from a James Bond Movie. I can’t blame the car, which has been so good too me and taken so much hard driving. Perhaps Bart will just add the car to his collection in its current state like a retired race car, and just let me have the Bentley in return-lol

We all then went to the special party held for us at the W on their second floor “Beach” which is one of the coolest spots I have ever been at a hotel. we all finally just got in, and it is passes 3 AM as I write this.

Tomorrow, we head to a race track, and then to the end in La. Thanks to everyone for all the encouraging emails, and we hope to see some of you tomorrow night in LA.



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