Team Darkcyd

Well today is a day I will remember for a long time. Whatever went wrong yesterday went right today. Currently sitting at the Sonnenalp in beautiful Vail Colorado by the fire before heading to dinner. The day started off with the 212 tricked out Escalade with the Lambo doors, and candy apple red color, smashing into a tree two blocks from the hotel totaling the car. Nobody was hurt to my knowledge. Bart and I switched cars but not co drivers, and I drove the Darkcyd Bently GT with Holly, Barts long time girlfriend, while he drive the Lotus and we made a race to a dragstrip about 250 miles away called Srac drag strip located in Great Bend Kansas. As usual using strategy vs. just speed paid off, and we determined a road the ran parallel to I-70 and While we had the chase vehicle go ahead, I got the Bentley up to speeds that I prefer not to print. Needless to say, it was the fastest I have ever been in my life, and the roads had no traffic, and beautiful turns at some points. All the other Bullrunners had trouble with police because some were idiots as usual, and the stopped about 20 cars at the tool plaza. We had no trouble at all and ran as fast as we wanted with Vinne in the Spyker and Bart and Tara in the Lotus, Peter and Bulent in the GT3 chasing, with Alex and Danyell in the Gallardo. They both missed a turn on the way to the track and got chased by a cop who had to decide who to get-either them or Tara. He choose them and Peter got his first ticket of the rally with another cop getting the Gallardo. We were way ahead due to me testing the new top speed record with the Spyker and then I realized we had covered almost 200 miles and the range on the Lotus was almost toasted. We found a gas station about another 10 miles out and we let Tara know she would know she would not be stranded. At the stop a cop pulled up just before I left, and asked about the cars not knowing anything about the rally. He commented that both cars should do at least 150, and then asked me how fast I had taken it. I told him I preferred not to answer and pleaded the fifth, he then laughed and said he didn?t care about speeding so I responded a speed that I once ago prefer not to print. He then told me that was cool, and there were no cops for the next 30 miles, which was pretty amazing. He warned us about the cops in the next town and said to cruise slowly through there. We did but brought so much attention with us, we got pulled anyway. The cop was nice, said there was an APP for our group and some of us were driving stupid. I agreed, and we quickly let us go/ we made it to the checkpoint in 10th in the Bentley and I recorded my first top ten finishes for Team Darkcyd.

At the dragstrip we raced Keith Previte in his almost identical Black Bentley and although I beat him turning 13.75?s to be fair I think he got a poor launch. We had a great time, with a bunch of funny races including the race between a real police officer who was writing tickets against the supercharged Taxi. The supercharged taxi won by far, but it was cool to see the cop racing down the strip with his lights on. Bart then ran the Lotus, and I joked he would destroy my car, which ended being a bad omen. The caliper locked up, and I got stranded just two miles after we left for Vail, which was our ultimate destination. While the flat bad was loading the car, Peter was able to get the caliper unlocked, and so after loading up the Bentley, Bart and I jumped in the Lotus and headed off, with Tara and Holly driving the Bentley. I have to say two blonde girls in a black 200k dollar car, certainly attract a lot of attention, and multiple people were taking pictures from the road. Prior to leaving an Officer who I will cal officer x to protect his identity who called the flatbed for us wanted a ride in the Gt3, and I am happy to report he admitted never being so scared as he rode up to 165 with Peter in the Porsche. Hard to believe, which is why I got the interview on tape? He then took pictures of Peter and me against the squad car in cuffs with him pointing a rifle at us while we are mooning him. These are silly antics, but I swear make the funniest pictures. Bulent said he will make this picture his screensaver. Tara then tried for his own speed record, which was in an impressive, 3 digit ranges on the way to Vail. There were reports of cops everywhere, but because we started so late for the last checkpoint, we saw only a few police, with Peter and bulent doing recon for us while Tara could test the Bentley with Holly. It is such a site seeing us 3 barrel down the highway at a comfortable but not irresponsible speed.

We made it to Vail and arrived to the Sonnenalp to Learn the Darkcyd Navi had one the stage, and Jason and Aaron were being interviewed for TV. Tomorrow I speculate we head for a place you can gamble drink and covort with women, and instead of being punished , you are encouraged to do more.

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