Kansas City

According to Bullrun HQ: “Latest info direct from Kansas City..1st Tove Christensen, 2nd Los Matadors, 3rd Team Gotham..all cars now starting to arrive. AMG Dolls in 5th.” Which means that we must amend our earlier statement that the Magnaflow RS4 was not the first in, and apparently the GT2 sled of Tove Christiansen has taken the official first for the stage into KCMO.

Meanwhile, from the august Mr. Roy: “Annabelle Frankl of Team Twins, out of jail for $1000 bail, Saline county, arrested by former Corvette owner Deputy Shively, 60 miles from KC, MO, town of Marshall, for 106mph in a 70mph in a Corvette Z06.” So Nicholas and his motoring-journo sister are back on the road together. Godspeed, twins. We’ll buy you a birthday drink in a couple of days.

Thanks to Jalopnik!

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