Los Matadors

It’s Hard To Explain Bullrun…

It has to be experienced.

Bullrun offers relatively “normal” everyday people to live like Rockstars. The Rally is the tour, The Speed is the drugs, and for Emil and me, our Lamborghini engine is our amps. Oh: can’t forget the girls.

Personally, my brain is starting to fry. It’s on overload.

The Bullrun is intense in every way shape or form. We wake up; rush to get the car ready for the day and then we’re off to our destination at very high speeds. There’s really no time to get ready or warm up. When you get going you just go.


Position: At the start of each segment, it’s very important to get position at the front. OK, that seems a bit obvious, I know. But it’s true. Each driver must gain position any which way and the co-driver must navigate. It’s important because the front runners usually create “Rally Wake” in which the front runners create a ripple effect in which the following teams must navigate through. What I’m mostly referring to is Police activity. Civilian Cars totally get disrupted from the norm when the Bullrun rolls through. Some of them resort to calling the police. A lot of times, the lead group blast through before the cops get wise which means the three quarters of the field has to deal with speed traps, including over pass, hill crests, and ravines. Things are good when your radar detector is quiet and a Trooper is speeding the other way to set up for “The Main Group”.

The Rally Effect: Many drivers refer to this as civilian cars or normal drivers testing their nerve and ride along with you. This is when things get a little dicey. You get guys looking to run with you, but the thing is, their cars can’t really handle it. Our car in particular hangs out at 110 mph. It’s virtually nothing at all. When you have these 20 something’s riding along with you at high speed, it kind of make cringe because their rides are pushing their limits at 110.

The Mini Van Effect: This phenomenon is actually quite funny and a variation off of the “Rally Effect”. Essentially, it’s when a Guy in a mini van starts to match speeds with you. However, it’s becomes un-funny when you realize he’s got kids in the back seat. Not good. It’s really great to their spirit and determination, but high speed runs with kids in the back. Hey Mini Van guys, there’s better ways to feel like you still have your balls. You should have done the manly thing and told your wife that car seats fit real well in a 911.

A couple of shout outs from me…

· If the kid with the 1996 Red Toyota Supra around Ann Arbor, MI is reading this… We could of seriously blown your doors off is we wanted to. You had nothin’ in there. If Emil and I weren’t just released from a 2 hour traffic stop with 8 cop cars and a back to front search, we would have gladly sent you back home with your tail between your legs.

· If the kid in the Eagle Talon with the Rochester DSM decal in the window just outside or Cortland is reading this… thanks for the directions.

· Thanks to the kid in the black Nissan Maxima coming into Kansas City today for moving those slow bastards into the slow lane for us to make time for our 2nd place finish.


Thanks to Los Matadors…


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