by Los Matadors:

Made it safely to Toronto. No tickets, despite the fact that just about every cop in New Jersey was looking for us. One of the AMG girls, pictured below looking at a busted tail light on their car, met some of New Jersey’s finest.

Los Matadors in Bullrun 2006

Driving through Canada was great. Lots of room. Smooth roads. No police officers. The only Law Enforcement I saw the whole time in Canada was helping us park at the hotel (we finished 5th, I think…) and the cop at the club (the Century Room) who helped us through the crowd to the red carpet.

Los Matadors in Bullrun 2006

Meanwhile… can you believe that this dork actually won the first leg?

Special thanks to the Tronoto Hilton for the fabulous accomodations and the fab parking spot for my ride. ;)

Los Matadors in Bullrun 2006

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