Bullrunners caught in Michigan

From Scotto: “We’re still in Michigan. We just saw two cars on the side of the road. The Matador Brothers in a Lambo just got pulled over. There’s a yellow Murcielago, I think it’s #37. They’ve been pulled over like four times.” According to Alex Roy, the Matador boys were nailed for 10 over. Now, anyone who’s ever driven in Michigan knows that people regularly drive 20 over the limit on ice, so the MSP is obviously enjoying screwing with the Bullrunners.

Rob Ferretti just got busted twice in ten minutes for 85 in a 70 in the SuperSpeeders Ford GT; at this point, it seems like the MSP is nailing anyone doing more than 70. They’ve got static radar towers that they’re using to vector squad cars toward the participants.

Thanks to Jalopnik!


  1. I live in Michigan and o yeah their just doing it on purpose because you can do 90 on I 75 and your fine because everyone else does that and thats why no one gets pulled over. Now if you single yourself out, then that’s another story.


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