So, what’s all the big hype about Superman?

Why get excited about a movie? Why, when we have our very own superhero: SuperVan? Complete with full accessory pack of car, keys and stickers, our fabulous boy is ready and raring to go….

Captain Vanimal and his wonderful co-pilot (Uber-Lord Satherswath) partied amongst a throng of hungry ‘Runners and the toast of Rally Legends last night; hosted by the Beamer Kaiser, Alex Roy. Dammit, Alex would never miss a party in his own city….

More mesmerising metal straight from NYC courtesy of SuperVan:

All’s lookin’ fine and dandy for a sensational start tomorrow. After a mischievous outpouring of the heavens (obviously crying because clouds aren’t eligible to drive the Bullrun), the veracious appetite of driving needs to be satisfied by the groupe fantastique.

I’ll happily place all my chips on the table; and when the Bullrun wheel of fortune slows to the crunch… I’ll be damned glad I bet on the pocket of the wheel that the ball of fun cheekily trickles into and firmly validates: ‘Bullrun 2006: Probably The Best Asphalt-Rocking Phenomenon In The World’.

I’m well past the nail-biting stage by now. Chewing on my wrists will have to do for the meantime….. I’ll return for the go-go gas pedal of the sweet start of the rally of the year: blissful Bullrun 2006…..

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