…apparently not. This ‘Uber Exclusive’ luxury rally is the brain child of the one and only Paul Naden. More commonly known in the Rally world as ‘Nods’. Yes, the ferrari eating murcielago wrecking ‘Nods’. Not only that, he has enlisted Pete Fenton (from the infamous AntandPete) and his sidekick Dean Philip to help out with this adventure… and BOY… do they put the word ‘supercar’ back into the ‘supercar rally’… more after the jump.

This years rally grid is almost complete… not bad considering the start date isnt until 1st October. The rally runs for 7 days, starting in Kent, UK, and finishing in Milan, via Bordeaux, Barcelona and Geneva (with ‘hush hush’ stops on the way).

The rally tries to differ itself from the ‘average’ endurance rally, by focusing more on the quality of the roads, accomodation, and parties… something that the more seasoned rallies have been known to falter on from time to time…. (I even hear the food will be nice!)

Nods & Dean with two of their former Gumball cars:
Paul Naden & Dean Philip

The selection of exclusive cars in this years rally could make the Goodwood Festival of Speed have a wet dream: Pagani Zonda, Lambo LP640, SLR’s, Porsche CGT, Ferrari 575 Superamerica, F50, F430, Enzo….. and even a 599 GTB Fioran0… the hottest car on the planet at this very moment. And the list just goes on and on…

They even have one of the best made websites I have seen in a long time, check them out at carbonblackrun.co.uk




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