Hello all!

Team Polizei overcame the sabotage and treachery of our foes to win 1st place overall on Gumball 2006!

An annihilatory death blow was dealt to our foes, none of whom were prepared for our “When Vengeance is not Enough” Strategy for 2006.

Team Polizei was verified to have hit all checkpoints and arrived first at the following:

Belgium (Chateau Beleoil)

Furnace Creek (Death Valley)
Beverly Hills

Team Polizei arrived in 1st Place at 5 out of 8 checkpoints, dominated the European Endurance and American stages, and overcame two incidents of sabotage (and a visit to the Burmese border) to remain in the top 10 on the Thailand stage.

There are many tales to tell of heroism from other teams, especially Team 3Ezer, TangoSpeed, Torquenstein, Team NSX, Team Debedin, Ant & Pete, Birdman and others, and more information will be released in the coming days.

Of course, as the Gumball is a rally, not a race, these rankings, although verified by onboard camera footage, ALK Copilot tracking and multiple witnesses (both on and off the Gumball), must remain unofficial.

Thanks for all your support. This was the craziest Gumball yet, and it was amazing to meet so many fans on the road!!

I also want to thank JF Musial aka “Yourk”, who spent countless hours tracking our progress and writing updates on the rally on so many Boards. JF deserves a lot of credit for keeping us in touch with our friends and fans.

Of course, we were also very grateful for all the support of our friends at the M5Board, cardomain.com, jalopnik.com and gumball-3000.com.

Please come visit our new sites at:


We will be posting A LOT more info in the coming days!

Team Polizei

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